Sunday, January 17, 2010

Singapore's MobileOne Installs NSN Basestations, Plans LTE Trial

Singapore's MobileOne (M1)is updating its 2G network with Nokia Siemens Networks' Flexi Multiradio base stations. In addition, M1 is set to start an LTE trial in February 2010. Undertaken in collaboration with Nokia Siemens Networks, the LTE trial will last two months. M1 will be showcasing the high-speed wireless broadband capabilities of LTE at its flagship store in Paragon on Orchard Road. This will allow customers to see amongst other things High Definition (HD) TV streaming, as well as high-speed Internet browsing and web surfing over the LTE network.

Patrick Scodeller, chief technical officer at M1, said. "Our network modernization contract with Nokia Siemens Networks represented our first steps in our evolution to LTE. The trial will help pave the way for faster and better quality mobile broadband services in the future. The extensive use of Nokia Siemens Network's proven energy efficient equipment will ensure that we have in place a network that is well able to meet the increasingly demanding environmental standards now and in the future."

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