Monday, January 11, 2010

Polaris Wireless Integrates Wi-Fi into its Wireless Location System

Polaris Wireless has integrated Wi-Fi capabilities in its Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS) solution. The new Wi-Fi support gives Polaris Wireless one more input in pinpointing the precise location of mobile devices. Combined with the company's Wireless Location Signature technology, Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) and other technologies, this enhanced hybrid approach leverages all available methods to ensure that location is determined as quickly and as accurately as possible across the range of environments.

"As a standalone location technology, Wi-Fi can be highly inaccurate and unreliable in providing precise location estimates, particularly for mission-critical and safety-of-life applications. However, Wi-Fi measurements in conjunction with Polaris Wireless WLSTM location solution enhance accuracy, reliability and yield--particularly in dense urban and indoor environments," said Manlio Allegra, CEO of Polaris Wireless.

The Polaris Hybrid solution supports the Open Mobile Alliance's (OMA's) secure user plane standards (SUPL) as well as control plane standards. Combined with Polaris Wireless's patented WLS location technology and other technologies, the Hybrid solution integrates Wi-Fi capabilities available on SUPL V2.0 to provide wireless operators with a single location platform that is able to determine the precise position of mobile devices for emergency calls and location-based services--regardless of device type, radio air interface and environment.

By utilizing Secure User Plane (SUPL) standards in addition to the traditional control plane standards, Polaris WLSTM enhances location intelligence across the operator's wireless network. Polaris Wireless said this approach renders the network transparent to location applications, enabling service providers to support complex migrations from existing 2G and 3G to emerging 4G technologies. The end result is that operators will be able to deliver location applications and solutions with high accuracy in a cost-effective and seamless manner.


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