Thursday, January 21, 2010

Northstream Measures Telia's LTE at 12 Mbps Max Downlink

Telia's newly launched LTE service delivers better responsiveless than a 3G network but disappoints somewhat in terms of downlink rates, according to a blog posting by Northstream, a management consulting company with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. Northstream reports that downlink rates never exceeded 12 Mbps in its series of outdoor tests, although it was able to deliver 5 Mbps upstream.

  • In a press conference in December 2009 launching its new LTE service in Stockholm and Oslo, TeliaSonera said it is delivering up to 100 Mbps downlink rates with both the network and the LTE modem. The carrier said typical user rates are expected to be in the 20-80 Mbps range. The service uses a Samsung LTE dongle modem.