Monday, January 25, 2010

Inmarsat Shows its New Global Handheld

Inmarsat completed the first call using its new global handheld service, IsatPhone Pro, which is on track for launch in June 2010.

Inmarsat confirmed that upgrades to its ground network were completed on schedule by Lockheed Martin, and further testing on the integration between the handset and the ground network is underway.

Inmarsat's partner for the handset development is Sasken Communications Technologies. Elcoteq has been appointed to produce IsatPhone Pro at its facility in Tallinn, Estonia.

Eleven distribution partners, covering all geographic markets around the world, have been selected to sell IsatPhone Pro at launch: AST, China Telecom, Evosat, MCN, MVS, Network Innovations, NSSL, Satcom Global, Singtel, Stratos and Vizada.