Sunday, January 31, 2010

Huawei and Qualcomm Test Dual-Carrier HSPA+ at 42 Mbps

Huawei and Qualcomm completed interoperability tests on dual carrier HSPA+, reaching the peak downlink data rate of 42 Mbps. The companies said their testing indicates that dual-carrier HSPA+ technology is ready for commercial deployment.

Huawei' s latest HSPA+ solution and Qualcomm' s Mobile Data Modem (MDM) MDM8220 chipsets were used in this interoperability test. Implemented with dual cell technology, Huawei's HSPA+ solution can transmit data via two or more carriers, resulting in the downlink data rate of 42 Mbpss, which improves an operator' s spectrum resources, enhances spectral efficiency and provides capacity gains of up to 20%.
http://www.huawei.comIn March 2009, Huawei deployed its first 21 Mbps HSPA+ commercial network.

In October 2009, Huawei announced plans to provide 28Mb/s HSPA+ commercial service in Singapore, and Huawei successfully demonstrated a 56Mb/s HSPA+ commercial solution in Beijing.