Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Daddy Reports Rapid Growth in SSL Certificate Business

Go Daddy, the world's largest domain registrar, reports that its SSL business is booming. The company said it is now issuing nearly half of all net new SSL certificates.

Citing survey figures from Netcraft, Go Daddy said that during the past month it added twice as many SSL certificates than any other company -- and nearly three times the amount of current market share leader VeriSign. As a result, VeriSign's market share dropped, paving the way for Go Daddy's share to increase to more than two-thirds of VeriSign's for the first time.

The growth is coming from small businesses as well as consumers. Microsoft selected Go Daddy to provide Secure Certificates for their Windows Home Server, which helps people protect, organize and share digital content.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates provide Web site security through server-to-browser encryption and keep company information, customer data, communications and financial transactions secure.