Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories Expands

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs), Deutsche Telekom's central research and development institute affiliated to TU Berlin, has added three more professors to its staff. The company announced the following appointments:

Dr. Axel Küpper (40) assumes responsibility for Service-centric Networking at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and will head TU Berlin's department for the same field. His aim is to study and develop new methods, technologies and platforms for provision, operation and networking of future services, both within a global, ubiquitous Internet and in other communications networks (such as ad-hoc networks). Axel Küpper's work will focus on developing new application scenarios for services-centric networking and on enhancing various services concepts, such as cloud computing and location-based services. In addition, it will concentrate on integrating and evaluating relevant service platforms and their functions in line with need, with the aim of gaining new findings about their practical applications.

Dr. Tansu Alpcan (34) has been appointed to a post in the area of Autonomous Security at TU Berlin and Deutsche Telekom Laboratories. He develops mathematical models for enhancing protection of IT networks against attacks.

Dr. Alexander Raake (38) will focus on technical quality aspects of voice, audio and video transmission in modern telecommunications systems, including such applications as Internet telephony and Internet TV. His work will be aimed at developing user-friendly multimedia services that fulfill users' quality expectations.