Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Criminal Charges Dismissed for Broadcom's Founder

A U.S. District court judge dismissed all criminal charges against Henry T. Nicholas III, the co-founder of Broadcom. The judge accused prosecutors of intimidating witnesses.

Late last year, the same judge dismissed a case of stock option backdating against Nicholas and former Broadcom Chief Financial Officer William Ruehle.http://c

  • In June 2008, Henry T. Nicholas III , the co-founder of Broadcom, was indicted on federal narcotics charges that he regularly maintained a supply of ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine and other controlled substances for use and distribution. Among other things, the narcotics indictment accused Nicholas of using ecstasy to spike the drinks of industry executives and employees of Broadcom customers. According to the indictment, over a nine-year period, Nicholas maintained drug-involved premises, specifically homes in Laguna Hills and Newport Coast, a warehouse in Laguna Niguel and a condominium in Las Vegas. The indictment alleged that Nicholas used ecstasy to spike drinks at parties, and supplied prostitutes and escorts he had hired with controlled substances.