Thursday, January 21, 2010

China Telecom: 56M Mobile, 53M Broadband, 188M Land Lines

The number of local access lines served by China Telecom continues to decrease at an accelerating rate. In December, China Telecom disconnected 2.53 million local access lines, ending the year with 188 million access lines in service. This compares with 208 million local access lines at the end of 2008.

Broadband lines continue to grow, although at a slower pace. China Telecom added 620,000 broadband lines in December 2009 -- its lowest number for the year. With an installed base of 53 million broadband users, China Telecom retains the title as the world's largest broadband operator.

Meanwhile, China Telecom added a near record number of mobile users during December 2009 -- over 3.1 million new mobile accounts. This gives the company a mobile base of over 56 million users -- more than double the figure from a year earlier.