Sunday, January 10, 2010

Celtro Picks Metaswitch MPLS and IP Routing for Mobile Backhaul

Celtro, a leading supplier of mobile backhaul access switches, has selected Metaswitch Networks' MPLS and IP Routing network protocol software products for Celtro's DynaMate product family.

The use of Metaswitch's IP/MPLS network protocol software products enables Celtro's solutions to support advanced IP/MPLS network capabilities, while offering smooth migration for mobile backhaul networks from ATM to IP/MPLS.

"Our mobile operators customers are looking for maximum flexibility in their backhaul networks," said Shahar Gorodeisky, Celtro's CTO. "As they migrate from ATM to IP/MPLS, they want the ability to run all those technologies in parallel, with the same SLA, and the same features. It allows these operators to use Celtro's unique technologies such as virtual bonding, HSPA services classification, and traffic optimization but over an MPLS transport network. Metaswitch's MPLS network protocol software helps us to achieve this goal."