Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calix Adds 10G, VDLS2, GPON, Ethernet Cards

Calix introduced five new line cards for its C7 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP).

  • The RAP-10GE forms the core of the EXA Powered C7, operating as the common control unit for the C7 and delivering carrier-grade, ERPS ring protected 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps transport interfaces, full Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) service assurance and compliance, as well as a 150 Gbps switching fabric.

  • The COMBO2-24V and VDSL2-24 deliver high density VDSL2 services, including seamless fallback to ADSL2+, Annex M, and bonding support, in a single-slot form factor that allows for 1:1 replacement of existing Calix ADSL cards for operational simplicity.

  • The Ethernet Gateway (EGW) acts as a gateway for the existing base of C7 multiprotocol line cards, allowing existing cards to leverage the Ethernet transport infrastructure of the EXA Powered C7.

  • The OLTG-4E delivers up to four GPON ports per card, supporting any mix of standard or Extended Reach GPON
    optical interface modules.

The new EXA Powered C7 line cards share a common software core with other Calix E-Series platforms, including the new E7 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP). In addition, each new card is fully compatible with the existing stable of C7 cards, allowing for simple service migration and preservation of necessary legacy services.

The company also introduced six new residential optical network terminals (ONTs).

The Calix C7 has been deployed at over 500 North American and international CSPs whose networks serve more than 32 million subscriber lines. Calix said the new cards enables these CSPs to evolve to advanced Ethernet and fiber-based services from existing copper-based legacy service offerings like plain old telephone services (POTS) and special business circuits.

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