Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BT Plans 40 Mbps Internet for £20 per month

BT Retail announced pricing for a new "super>fast" broadband service, BT Infinity. The new consumer service uses FTTP to offer download speeds of up to 40 Mbps for £19.99 per month, a saving of £7.47 per month on Virgin Media's XXL highest speed service. Upstream speeds will reach at up to 10 Mbps for a premium service priced at £24.99 per month.

Customers in Muswell Hill, Whitchurch and Glasgow Halfway have been enjoying the faster speeds through a BT trial. The service will be made available to 4 million homes and businesses by the end of December 2010, following the roll out of the technology by Openreach, BT's local access division.

BT is also launching a new super>fast broadband service to business which will be known as BT Business Total Broadband Fibre. From 25th January, new and existing BT Total Broadband and BT Business customers in an enabled exchange areas will automatically be eligible for the up to 40 Mb/s broadband service.

Openreach is currently planning to roll out super-fast broadband to 40% of the UK by 2012. At present, a trial is underway in Muswell Hill (North London), Whitchurch (Cardiff) and Halfway (Glasgow) until March 2010.