Sunday, January 24, 2010

AT&T Wi-Fi Handles More Than 85 Million Connections in 2009

AT&T's customers made 85.5 million connections to the Internet in 2009 using the company's Wi-Fi network, four times the number of Wi-Fi connections made in 2008.

In Q4 2009, AT&T customers made 35.3 million Wi-Fi connections - up 10 million connections from the third quarter of 2009. Fourth quarter connections also surpassed the number of connections made in the entire first half of 2009. Smartphones and integrated devices accounted for 72 percent of Q4 connections and 61 percent of the total connections in 2009.

AT&T said it expects Wi-Fi usage to continue to surge as more customers utilize Wi-Fi on their smartphones and integrated devices and have Wi-Fi included with their service.