Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aruba Updates its AirWave Multi-Vendor Network Management

Aruba Networks announced a major upgrade to its AirWave multi-vendor network management solution, including the ability to integrate the management of wireless networks, wired infrastructure, and client devices into a single interface.

Aruba's AirWave 7 provides a single point of visibility and control for the entire network edge. New features include:

  • New AirWave Mobile Device Manager (MDM) module: Provides over-the-air management of business-critical devices ranging from handheld devices to self-service kiosks to wireless printers.

  • Wired infrastructure management: The AirWave Management Platform (AMP) now manages edge switches from Cisco and HP to provide integrated wired and wireless management. AMP can map upstream relationships between APs, controllers, and switches enabling root-cause analysis for scenarios such as a down AP - accelerating time to problem resolution.

  • Improvements to open architecture: XML API eases integration between AirWave 7 and the rest of the IT operations infrastructure. The use of open standards makes valuable AirWave data accessible to virtually any application developer without specialized knowledge of the AirWave platform.

  • Customizable user interface and dashboards: AirWave administrators can create customized views for specific roles, such as service desk personnel or executives, so that each person sees the information that is most useful. Users can also create and save customized reports and incorporate report components in their personalized dashboards.

  • Support for state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure: Includes support for Aruba's newest products and management capabilities.

Significantly, Aruba said the MDM capabilities would enable business to better control the growing number of iPhones and other smartphones appearing on the corporate network. This includes the ability to monitor, diagnose and solve connectivity issues for a wide range of devices across multi-vendor WLANs.