Monday, January 18, 2010

Amdocs Releases its Latest Tools for Service Providers

Amdocs unveiled CES 8, its latest tool set to help service providers evolve and expand quickly by exposing network, IT and data assets to a growing ecosystem of content and developer partners.

The company said its goal is to drive personalized and simple customer experiences by concealing the complexities of new applications and devices from the end user, all while ensuring that service providers can run lean and agile operations.

New capabilities in Amdocs CES 8 include:

  • Improve network planning with mobile backhaul capacity management operational product pack: This pre-packaged solution provides the mobile network planning and design tools required to address the specific needs of 3G and 4G/LTE Radio Access Networks.

  • Innovate and profit with new services: jNetX, recently acquired by Amdocs, provides a Java-based convergent service platform that synchronizes network services across legacy and IP network elements for rich communication applications in a standardized development environment. Amdocs jNetX is the service control point for Amdocs' prepaid solutions, managing real-time credit authorization and account deduction, integrating with Amdocs Convergent Charging real-time rating and account balance management.

  • Enhance product lifecycle management: This new offering includes an information-driven approach to product lifecycle management, combining the Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog with a workflow engine to enable service providers to rapidly define and launch new products. The offering addresses all aspects of a product's lifecycle, from inception through design, deployment, maintenance and retirement.

  • One e-commerce experience for all goods and services - from devices and accessories to pricing plans, ring tones and video: Amdocs Universal Storefront hides the complexity of service providers' different offerings and configurations, allowing consumers to experience a familiar, simple shopping experience.

  • Resolve device problems more quickly: Integrating Amdocs CRM products with a mobile device management partner, this solution allows customer care agents to resolve smart device issues more efficiently. Customer service agents can see who the customer is, what device he or she has, what applications may need to be updated or
    configured, and immediately run diagnostics on the device.

  • Personalize and monetize customer interaction: Amdocs ChangingWorlds' mobile internet portal delivers personalization for quick and easy access to relevant content based on users' specific interests. The technology also delivers prioritized portal menus based on users' previous searched content, thus reducing the number of clicks to relevant content.

  • Reduce hardware and maintenance costs with small machine architecture - Amdocs Convergent Charging (Turbo Charging): Amdocs' real-time charging product supports the Linux/x86 operating system, and can now run on multiple servers based on the Intel Xeon family of processors, or on other x86 processors. As a result, service
    providers can support surging prepaid subscriber bases and data services proliferation by adding low-cost servers, and maintaining efficient charging operations.

  • Maximize network and IT utilization: Amdocs has introduced a new configuration management solution to support both IT and network components of their service provision infrastructure called the Amdocs Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Service Operational Product Pack. The CMDB manages the configuration of both IT and
    network resources for next generation network environments in a single database to ITIL standards.