Sunday, January 24, 2010

Allot's Service Gateway Pushes 360 Gbps Throughput

Allot released a new software version for the Allot Service Gateway Sigma, which is a deep packet inspection (DPI) platform integrating network intelligence, policy control and revenue-generating services.

The newly enhanced software for the SG-Sigma increases the platform's core competencies to offer mobile, fixed and converged network service providers better performance, steering and traffic capabilities.

Tests conducted in December 2009 by the Tolly Group confirmed that a single fully loaded SG-Sigma can deliver throughput of over 75 Gbps with less than 16 microsecond latency. According to Allot, performance can scale up to 360 Gbps with a clustered configuration of SG-Sigma platforms.

In addition, tests proved:

  • SG-Sigma's ability to identify 100% of asymmetric traffic across a clustered configuration which is essential for supporting today's complex operator environments

  • SG-Sigma's ability to steer traffic at over 40 Gbps to both internal and external services with zero packet loss

  • SG-Sigma's carrier class capabilities demonstrating full N+1 resilience guaranteeing uninterrupted operation in cases of hardware failure

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