Sunday, December 13, 2009

Verizon Activates 100G Ultra-Long-Haul Optical in Europe

Verizon is now carrying live, commercial traffic over a 100 Gbps ultra-long-haul optical system. This system was deployed on the company's European optical core network between Paris and Frankfurt. The accomplishment marks the first time for deployment of ultra-long-haul 100G using a single channel on a production network.

Specifically, Verizon is using Nortel's commercially available 100G solution to carry live Private IP traffic between Verizon's core routers over the 893-kilometer (555-mile) route without modifying the system. Verizon sent a true 100G signal by using the same spacing between wavelengths that is used for a single wavelength, demonstrating the company's drive to promote 100G in a serial fashion on just one information channel. The 100G transmission was conducted on a Verizon ultra-long-haul optical system carrying other live 10G wavelengths.

Verizon said that by installing advanced optics and electronics on the existing network facilities, the upgrade to 100G was done easily and quickly. The objective is to implement a "plug and play" approach that avoids any changes to embedded network equipment and facilities.

"This latest 100G-first gives Verizon the edge in meeting the growing bandwidth demands of our customers," said Mark Wegleitner, senior vice president of technology at Verizon. "By consolidating traffic onto one large pipe rather than several smaller ones, customers will benefit from increased network capacity, improved transmission quality and greater network efficiencies."

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