Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Telefónica acquires JAJAH for EUR 145 Million

Telefónica acquired JAJAH, a start-up that offers an IP Communications platform enables consumers to make free long-distance and global calls online The deal was valued at EUR 145 million ($207 million) in cash.

With JAJAH, consumers simply enter their phone on the JAJAH site along with their friend's phone number anywhere in the world. JAJAH then sets up an Internet call between both parties.
JAJAH services are used in around 200 countries by millions of people and are integrated into everyday instant messaging and social media applications, as well as through its own JAJAH direct-to-consumer offer.

Matthew Key, Chairman and CEO of Telefónica Europe, said: "The acquisition of JAJAH broadens the scope of our communications offering and opens up new capabilities in the voicem
communication space. People using social networking sites such as Twitter now have an even wider range of communications channels available -- and have the option of speaking directly to each other as well as communicating by text or keyboard."

JAHJAH is based in Mountain View, California with offices in Ra`anana, Israel.


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