Thursday, December 17, 2009

Orange Expands Cloud Computing Strategy

Orange Business Services announced plans to launch a dozen of new cloud computing services in the coming 24 months, covering six main areas including real-time applications, collaboration, security, infrastructure, cloud-ready networking and vertical solutions for specific industries. The carrier already offers a number of cloud services, such as its IT Plan and Flexible Computing offerings.

Orange envisions a full range of services, from infrastructure to real-time business applications, supported by a cloud-ready network that is able to ensure rapid scalability with full security and end-to-end service level agreements. Orange will provide customers with step-by-step guidance during their transition to cloud-based services, accommodating hybrid models, which are the most suitable for many enterprises.

Orange noted that it is already managing 12,000 servers for enterprise customers.

"Operating cloud computing services is in our DNA," said Barbara Dalibard, president and CEO, Orange Business Services. " The network is the cloud, and our experience and expertise in network and communications services place us in the best position to deliver high performance cloud computing services to support our customers' transformation. We are committed to leveraging our global capabilities to deliver secure and flexible cloud computing services to our customers," Dalibard added.

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