Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nortel Confirms 100G Optical Shipments

Nortel confirmed commercial sales of its 100 G optical transmission solution. The capabilities are delivered using two new, compact 100G cards within Nortel's flagship Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 platform . Nortel's Common Photonic Layer line system can also be used as part of the 100G solution for in-line amplification and wavelength switching.

Nortel's 100G solution provides for single-channel 100G transmission in a format that can coexist over the same fiber infrastructure with 10G and 40G networks. A Nortel 100G line card transmits the full 112Gbps payload within a single ITU standard 50GHz-spaced channel, allowing for a full 88 wavelengths over a single fiber.

Nortel said its 100G solution is based on technologies such as coherent detection, DP QPSK modulation, and advanced electronic digital signal processing techniques, all of which Nortel is the first and only vendor to successfully commercialize to date. More than 50 service providers and operators worldwide already rely on these technologies in live deployments of Nortel's 40G solution, which has been generally available since May 2008. In addition to Verizon's industry-first live 100G deployment, Nortel has previously conducted eight successful trials of its 100G solution with service providers around the world.