Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Huawei and Telefónica O2 UK Demo LTE Speeds of 150 Mbps

Telefónica O2 UK has achieved LTE downlink speeds of 150 Mbps during technology trials conducted with Huawei Technologies.

During the trial, a cell peak downlink rate of 150 Mbps was achieved in the Slough area, the headquarters of O2 in the UK.

Huawei claims to be the first of Telefonica's trial LTE vendors to have successfully implemented a live trial LTE network. Huawei's end-to-end LTE/SAE solution provides an All-IP, high speed, low latency and highly spectrum efficient mobile network, which greatly enhances the experience of mobile multimedia services.

Huawei also noted that it has now deployed 25 LTE/SAE networks with tier one operators located in Europe, North Amercia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

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