Wednesday, December 9, 2009

EXFO Releases GigE Test Interface for VoIP/IMS Networks

EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering released an MCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface test module for VoIP and IMS networks. A single module can emulate up to 256 000 unique IMS/VoIP subscribers and 64 000 voice/video streams while performing quality analysis on every stream in real time.

The MCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series can be housed in EXFO's InterWatch R14 and QualityAssurer QA-604 platforms, and is backward-compatible with existing software options. With the MCM Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series, a single 2U QA-604 platform can support 512 000 emulated IMS/VoIP subscribers and 128 000 voice/video streams while the 9U R14 platform can support 1.2 million emulated IMS/VoIP subscribers and 320 000 voice/video streams.


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