Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dell'Oro: Wireless LAN Market Surges

The worldwide Wireless LAN market grew to more than $1 billion in the third quarter of this year, due in large part to the increased spending in the healthcare and education sectors, as well as a rise in sales of higher valued 802.11n products, according to a new report from Dell'Oro Group.

According to the report, product revenues for Cisco, HP, and Enterasys each grew more than 30 percent in the third quarter. HP's wireless LAN product revenues were the strongest ever, growing more than 60 percent in the third quarter.

"Second quarter 2009 supply constraints were largely resolved, and overall Wireless LAN market revenues rebounded to pre-2009 recession levels," stated Loren Shalinsky, Senior Analyst of Wireless LAN research at Dell'Oro Group. "During the third quarter, the overall market was boosted by strong growth in the enterprise segment. In particular, Cisco benefited from strong sales in North America and HP showed strength in the hospitality sector with sales of their integrated wireless LAN and wired access device," added Shalinsky.