Sunday, December 6, 2009

AppliedMicro Cites 40% Efficiency Gain in Processors

AppliedMicro (formerly AMCC) announced energy efficient versions of its 405 and 460 series microprocessors, featuring 40 percent less power usage for a variety of embedded applications. For example, the Power Architecture 405EXr, which finds application in wireless LAN access points as well as NAS storage systems and media gateways, now offers a maximum worst case active power consumption of just over 2 watts, a reduction of almost 1.5 watts, or 40 percent.

All current AppliedMicro customers using 405EX/EXr and 460EX/EXr/GT products will be migrated to the new low-power variants. Moving forward, all new customers for these products will use the low-power version.

AppliedMicro's Power Architecture 405EX and 405EXr processors are designed into 802.11 wireless access points, WiMAX base stations and general networking and embedded systems. The Power Architecture 460EX/EXr/GT processors are designed for enterprise and carrier-class switching and routing equipment, multi-function printers and industrial applications. The 460-based devices offer speeds up to 1.2 GHz, a 256KB L2 cache, and an integrated floating-point unit. The 460EX/GT offers up to four gigabit Ethernet interfaces, two PCI-Express interfaces, legacy PCI support, two USB 2.0 interfaces, a SATA controller, hardware-RAID acceleration and Kasumi encryption/decryption.

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