Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alcatel-Lucent Offers Application Exposure Suite

Alcatel-Lucent unveiled an Application Enablement framework aimed at tying Web 2.0 applications and rich content delivery services to capabilities inherent in the company's High Leverage Network architecture.
The new framework would help service providers open their networks to application developers and content providers in a secure and controlled way. The goal is to provide developers with an easy way to integrate key network service information, such as the location of subscribers, service preferences, billing relationships and more, to create "mash up" applications that combine the functionality of service provider networks with Web-based capabilities.

Key components of this framework include:

Application Exposure Suite -- Securely exposes key network assets so developers can easily "grab" simple APIs for new and existing network functionality to differentiate their applications. Capabilities supported include: API Exposure Framework and Network Abstraction Layer, Policy & Privacy Management, Partner On-Boarding Toolkit, Network Application Platform, Advanced Reporting & Analytics, Billing & Settlement Support.

Alcatel-Lucent Open API Service -- Cloud based, cross-carrier aggregation service making it easy for developers to access multiple network assets from multiple service providers and reach large numbers of users. This helps developers same time by eliminating the need to establish individual relationships with carriers and providing the cross carrier advantage of reaching a larger potential customer base.

Transformation Services -- including business consulting, multi-vendor integration, on-board self-care portals and processes, OSS/BSS integration, and Lifecycle Governance. An example of an Alcatel-Lucent-led transformation services project is its engagement with Nucleus Connect of Singapore where Alcatel-Lucent is providing a turn-key BSS/OSS solution including software, hardware and professional services, to support the customer's OpCo operations and business models.

"We are helping service providers find new ways to fully exploit their resources, including location, presence, preferences, address book, Quality of Service and payment, by exposing such capabilities in a managed and controlled way to a growing community of application developers to create a whole new category of advanced Web 2.0 and multimedia services," said Kenneth Frank, president of Alcatel-Lucent Solutions and Marketing. "In particular, the Open API Service eliminates the inconsistent policies, practices, requirements and capabilities across multiple networks that make application development a costly and lengthy process, while protecting the integrity and reliability of the network."