Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Xangati Extends its Application Mgt System for Broadband Services

Xangati has extended its Application Management 2.0 solution with a new Broadband Subscriber Intelligence capability that enables service providers to track cumulative usage patterns of their subscribers.

Xangati Broadband Subscriber Intelligence can alert service providers to the percentage of bandwidth their subscribers are using; and, what applications they're running to consume that bandwidth. Information such as this provides service providers with the necessary intelligence to validate usage plans, revenue and cost estimates, and ensure the highest return possible from their extensive network investment.

Xangati noted that many service providers are currently contemplating bandwidth caps for their broadband services even though surveys have shown that the vast majority of consumers don't approve of this practice. Data mining the rich information found on a service provider's own network, with the Xangati solution, helps analyze whether usage-caps make sense for their unique subscriber base; and if so, how to most effectively tier that model.

Xangati said that data mining for one particular service provider showed 1% of their customer base consumes more than 40% of their upstream bandwith; and 20% consumes almost 100% of all bandwidth.

Xangati Broadband Subscriber Intelligence is available immediately as part of the Xangati solution.