Sunday, November 22, 2009

Verizon Builds Telehealth Collaboration Portfolio

Verizon is launching a portfolio of Telehealth Collaboration Services to help health care providers consult remotely with patients and other providers, offer continuing medical education and training to medical professionals, as well as help health care administrators avoid costly and time-consuming travel through the use of collaborative technology.

As part of its consultancy, Verizon Business IT professionals work with health care organizations to assess their collaboration readiness, as well as design, implement and provide ongoing support for a broad range of Web and audio conferencing services, and video capabilities from desktop Web cams to high-definition and immersive video. Verizon's telehealth solutions are tailored to each health care setting to deliver security, performance and reliability.

Verizon noted htat it already provides services to more than 17,000 enterprise customers in the health care ecosystem