Sunday, November 1, 2009

SpiderCloud Wireless Unveils Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN)

SpiderCloud Wireless, a start-up based in Santa Clara, California, unveiled its Enterprise Radio Access Network (E-RAN) platform. The E-RAN platform is a scalable system comprised of a "SmartCloud" Services Node (SCSN) and Radio Nodes (SCRN).

The goal is to enable self-organizing wireless network capable of extending the enterprise's full suite of voice and data applications and services to any standard handset or computing device. The company said its mission is to bring together the functionality and security of cellular networks with the utility and economics of enterprise data networks. Its SmartCloud Services Node (SCSN) is analogous to an enterprise Wi-Fi switch but can be used by carriers to serve enterprise segments previously too expensive and complex to deploy in-building. Advanced features of its platform include "zero touch" installation and low-cost routing options for voice and data to the world of mobile radio access networks.

SpiderCloud has raised in excess of $35 million to commercialize its E-RAN system for mobile operators. System testing is commencing with European mobile network operators this month with general availability of the technology platform scheduled for 2010.

  • SpiderCloud is headed by Mike Gallagher, who previously was the chief executive officer of FiberTower, a company he joined via the merger with First Avenue Networks in 2006 where Mike Gallagher was the chief executive officer. Mr. Gallagher was previously the president of Flarion Technologies, a company acquired by Qualcomm. SpiderCloud's technical team includes Peter Wexler (co-founder), who previously was the vice president of engineering and product operations at Stoke.