Sunday, November 15, 2009

SC09: 100 Gbps Optical Transport from Seattle to Portland

This week's SC09 Conference in Portland, Oregon features a multivendor 100Gbps routing and optical network demonstration backed by Infinera, Internet2, Juniper Networks and Level 3. In this demonstration, 100Gbps of test data (generated by an Ixia test set) was transmitted from Portland to Seattle through a single slot on the Juniper Networks T1600 Series Core Router, populated with a new 10x10GbE physical interface card via an Infinera optical system, over Level 3 and Internet2's nationwide fiber-optic network. The data was then looped back to Juniper's T1600 Series Core Router in Juniper's booth on the SC09 show floor in Portland.

These 100Gbps demonstrations represent the continued advances made by the joint initiative -- announced last year at SC08 -- between the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), Internet2, Infinera, Juniper Networks and Level 3 Communications. The five organizations announced an initiative to work together to develop and deploy 100GbE services. ESnet and Internet2 are planning testbeds and eventual production deployment of 100GbE.

"With ‘Big Science' projects like the Large Hadron Collider expected to be generating data flows of 100Gbps as soon as 2010, it's clear that the world's scientific research and education community needs to move beyond groups of 10Gbps waves and be ready with 100GbE solutions in the very near term," said Kanaiya Vasani, vice president of product management, High-End Systems Business Unit, Juniper Networks.

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