Sunday, November 1, 2009

Riverbed Announces Steelhead Mobile 3.0

Riverbed Technology is preparing to release an update to its Mobile WAN optimization solution to provide acceleration for Windows 7 and 64-bit systems for mobile end users. The company said its system can make Web applications up to 60X faster for mobile workers using laptops by optimizing the flow of the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. By employing URL learning, page parsing, embedded object pre-fetching and metadata acceleration modes, Steelhead Mobile further reduces the chattiness and delays that plague enterprise Web-based applications. With these additional tools, business-critical applications used today such as SharePoint, intranet portals and Web-based document management systems, as well as Web-enabled ERP and CRM applications like SAP NetWeaver, JD Edwards and Siebel, all receive application acceleration of up to 60x.

Riverbed is also introducing a "Branch Warming" capability in Steelhead Mobile 3.0. This allows mobile and branch office users to share optimized data and experience even greater overall acceleration. By sharing the data references between the data stores of the Steelhead Mobile client and the branch office Steelhead appliance, mobile workers not only take advantage of all of the optimization benefits of the Steelhead appliance but are also able to contribute data references from their data store to help improve performance for the entire branch office, enabling "warm" performance regardless of location.

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