Thursday, November 12, 2009

NTT Labs Develops Gigabit-class "i-Visto" Video Transmission

Researchers at NTT Laboratories in Japan have developed a novel technology to transmit uncompressed video streams through IP networks at rates exceeding 1 Gbps. NTT's "i-Visto" technology, which has been field tested in cooperation with National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), transmits uncompressed HDTV signals by acquiring a path in the optical network whenever it is needed, without allocating additional network resources or re-optimizing the provisioned network resources. The experiment was carried out using GEMnet2 and JGN2plus, the R&D testbed networks provided by NTT and NICT, respectively.

Currently, data transmission exceeding 1 Gbps typically requires the network operator to allocate network resources along the transmission path. NTT Laboratories' low-latency video transmission mechanism features an ultra-high speed server system architecture which enables the recording and playing of multiple high-quality video formats, including DVCproHD, uncompressed HD, and uncompressed 4K-resolution video.

Using GMPLS for signaling between IP routers and optical switches, the system establishes a network path for ultra-wideband video transmission dynamically whenever video transmission is activated by the user. Testing has been conducted using Experiments were done using 1920x1080 resolution images at 60 interlaced fields per second. This uncompressed video interface (HD-SDI) signal for broadcast use consumes about 1.5Gbps of network bandwidth.