Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NSN Launches Energy Solutions for Telecom Operators

Nokia Siemens Networks launched a range of Energy Solutions for telecoms operators. The are six elements to this portfolio:

  • Energy Modernization;

  • Off-Grid Site Solution;

  • Bad-Grid Site Solution;

  • Energy Efficiency Consulting;

  • Green Energy Control and

  • Energy OPEX Management.

Each element targets a specific area of telecoms network energy consumption, management or sourcing. Among the key technologies within the elements of the portfolio are an intelligent energy control system, with remote monitoring capabilities of all power sources. This system manages battery charging and discharging to drive increased fuel savings. It also enables remote data collection and control.

"This marks an important milestone in our journey towards enabling the efficient and sustainable growth of our industry," said Ashish Chowdhary, head of Services, Nokia Siemens Networks. "What we have launched today is the first complete offering of its kind for operators of new and legacy telecommunications networks. It comprises all the ingredients necessary for substantially reducing telecoms energy use and a shift towards renewable energy."

NSN calculates that in mature markets energy consumption accounts for up to 10 percent of OPEX, while in developing markets it can range from 15 up to 30 percent.

The company has deployed more than 390 sites running on renewable energy in 25 countries in Asia-Pacific, China, Europe, Middle East Africa and Latin America.

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