Sunday, November 22, 2009

NSN Introduces Compact IP Optimized Transport Solution

Nokia Siemens Networks introduced its new hiT 7065 IP Optimized Transport Solution (IP-OTS) aimed at metro and core aggregation deployments.

The compact hiT 7065 supports various interface types, including OTU interfaces to increase link length towards DWDM core, FC/1GbE/10GbE/ interfaces for Packet aggregation and Storage Area Networks (SAN), to support a operators existing services over a single network. While SDH interfaces provide the connection to a huge installed base of networks around the world, hiT 7065 also comes with Carrier-grade, redundant Ethernet features to ensure resilience. G.709 compliance allows agnostic packet-oriented transport being open to all services such as Gigabit-Ethernet, IP-based applications, Fiber Channel and SDH/SONET.

NSN said its hiT 7065 also sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency, consuming 30 percent less power than comparable solutions on the market.