Thursday, November 12, 2009

Huawei Supplies Next-gen Home Location Register in Indonesia

Huawei has installed a next-generation Home Location Register ("ngHLR") for Hutchison CP Telecommunications Indonesia with the capacity to serve more than 16 million wireless subscribers. The deployment in Indonesia represents a major milestone for HCPT as it provides a modernized subscriber data management system and paves the way for growth in a rapidly expanding market over the next five years. The project, which took less than two months to complete, involved the deployment of a pair of Huawei ngHLRs in two strategic locations of Jakarta with seamless geographical redundancy. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Huawei's ngHLR, which uses an ATCA chassis, scales to a maximum capacity of 100 million subscribers while offering over 99.9999% reliability by sites load sharing mode. This solution also supports the evolution to USC (Unified Subscriber Center) functionality.

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