Monday, November 16, 2009

F5 Enhances IP Geolocation with Quova

F5 Networks will integrate Quova's IP geolocation technology in order to provide more intelligent context-aware application delivery solutions. The Quova technology maps IP addresses and related data to geographic locations at various levels of granularity. The contextual location information solves many security problems, such as enforcing download and access restrictions based on locality.

F5 said the addition of Quova's IP geo data will allow F5 customers to solve a whole new range of business networking issues at the perimeter of the network rather than down at the web application level. Localization functions, such as setting the default language page and customizing content for a specific region, will also rely on the Quova data. For example, using Quova's continent, country, and worldwide state level geolocation data will enable the BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM) system to provide more accurate and more granular geographic traffic management. Customers will be able to accurately manage traffic inside large countries that have multiple data centers. Also, F5 solutions will now provide data that can aid in identifying the carrier or Internet service provider of an IP address.