Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ciena Offers Carrier Ethernet Training and Certification

Ciena, in association with Global Corporate College, is launching a Carrier Ethernet Certification Program focused solely on Carrier Ethernet technology as opposed to specific vendors or products. Courses are offered in traditional classrooms, online and on-site at customer locations through an international network of partner educational institutions.

To address the needs of beginners to skilled professionals, the Carrier Ethernet Certification Program is led by Ciena Carrier Ethernet experts and is available in four tiers, with each requiring completion of the previous course as a prerequisite:

Carrier Ethernet Associate -- students gain a firm foundation in Carrier Ethernet standards, terminology, concepts and applications. This course is designed for people in or entering sales, general management and executive positions and is the foundation for all subsequent programs.

Carrier Ethernet Professional -- in a lab-based environment, students gain skills and knowledge required to configure and troubleshoot Carrier Ethernet networks. This course is designed for customer service technicians, deployment engineers and technical support engineers.

Carrier Ethernet Consultant -- using case studies, students develop analytical skills required to design Carrier Ethernet solutions for real-world applications. This course is designed for systems engineers, network planners and advanced technical support engineers.

Carrier Ethernet Expert -- students analyze and propose solutions for high-level Carrier Ethernet service provider issues. This course is designed for network architects and design engineers.

Ciena said it plans to launch additional training and certification programs.