Monday, November 2, 2009

CENX Opens Carrier Ethernet Exchanges in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago

CENX (Carrier Ethernet Neutral eXchange), a start-up headed by MEF President Nan Chen, opened three Carrier Ethernet Exchanges in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The carrier neutral, co-location/data-center neutral CENX Carrier Ethernet Exchanges aim to streamline the problem of interconnecting various Carrier Ethernet services.

CENX is offering a web-based member-tailored marketplace for service providers to interconnect Carrier Ethernet around the world. The graphic driven CENX Market is powered by CENX System -- a resilient, distributed, highly integrated system consisting of hardware switching & transport, as well as software backend & applications.

CENX Services are: Resilient Virtual Interconnect; Unique Service Alignment; Flexible Service Inquiry/Ordering; and Real-time Portal/Management.

"CENX's goal is to accelerate our service provider members' revenue opportunities while providing significant time/cost savings, and to make Carrier Ethernet global ubiquity a reality." said Nan Chen, CENX co-founder & CEO. "Our team's years of experience in delivering Carrier Ethernet equipment/management/services as well as telecom interconnection have enabled us to develop a differentiated technology and business approach to address Carrier Ethernet interconnectivity."

"The MEF Ethernet Exchange Committee -- consisting of: Verizon, ATT, Level 3, Orange, Tata, Cablevision and Cox -- worked for a year to identify the need and provide a framework to the complex technical and business issues around interconnection, and concluded that the initiative was best served by the formation of independent companies." explains Dennis Kruse, MEF Chairman of the Board and Vice President, Network Solutions, Orange Business Services. "CENX, the first such company to address the Carrier Ethernet interconnection market, is poised for growth."