Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bell Canada Launches 21 Mbps HSPA

Bell Canada launched HSPA service offering mobile speeds as high as 21 Mbps. The new network covers 1.2 million square kilometers, reaching approximately
20,000 Canadian towns and cities and 93% of the population. The new network also supports international roaming in more than 200 countries around the
globe and across the United States too, thanks to a roaming agreement with AT&T.

Nokia Siemens Networks supplied its HSPA solution for the network upgrade. The deployment included some of NSN's most advanced solutions to enable HSPA through an end-to-end approach that includes the Flexi Base Station and radio network controller, Direct Tunnel enabled packet core, subscriber data management and the NetAct operations support system.

Separately, Huawei confirmed that it supplied its SingleRAN solution and base stations for the Bell upgrade.