Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aztech Selects PMC-Sierra Solutions for GPON ONTs

Aztech, a broadband equipment manufacturer based in Singapore, has selected PMC-Sierra's solutions for its new GPON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) design. Aztech's GPON 200E4 - 4 Port Gigabit Bridge ONT is built around PMC-Sierra's PAS7401 SoC and targets residential and SOHO deployments.

PMC-Sierra's PAS7401 product line integrates a GPON MAC, a VoIP subsystem, an embedded controller and GigaPASS bridge performing advanced classification, queuing and filtering, with wire-speed throughput at all packet sizes. The reference designs come with complete GPON ONT software, featuring GPON functions, QoS bridging, VoIP, SIP and OMCI.

PMC-Sierra also provides a four-port GPON OLT SoC, the PAS5211, for Central Office equipment, and a GPON Gateway device, the MSP7162, for Customer Premises equipment.