Sunday, November 15, 2009

AT&T Unveils Synaptic Compute as a Service

AT&T introduced a global cloud-based service that provides on-demand access to scalable computing capacity. Using technology from VMware and Sun Microsystems, AT&T's Synaptic Compute as a Service provides companies with a self-service approach for using IT solutions delivered by AT&T's network cloud. Customers can use the service to address demands for variable computing processing power.

For example, customers can program their application to routinely expand capacity during a block of days each month to handle their firm's book closing. Transportation firms can increase computing power daily for processing driver schedules, route changes and other logistics. Companies can program the service to respond to spikes in Web traffic from holiday sales or events, sports programs, short-term campaigns, emergencies, etc.

AT&T is also working closely with Sun to use the Sun Cloud Open Cloud Platform, Sun Cloud APIs, cloud reference architecture and design expertise to create an environment to make it easy for developers to build and deploy value-added services.

"As companies increasingly move to cloud-based environments, AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service provides a much-needed choice for IT executives who worry about over-building or under-investing in the capacity needed to handle their users' traffic demands," said Roman Pacewicz, senior vice president of Strategy and Application Services, AT&T Business Solutions.

AT&T will introduce the service in the fourth quarter of 2009. The service will be deployed in the U.S. and will be accessible via the Web.

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