Thursday, October 29, 2009

UTStarcom Unveils MPLS-TP Transport Solution

UTStarcom has expanded its NetRing Transport Network product portfolio (NetRing TN), which includes new MPLS - Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) solutions designed to overhaul existing mobile backhaul networks, provide Ethernet services and deliver broadband aggregation applications. MPLS-TP is pre-standard technology being jointly defined by ITU-T and IETF.

UTStarcom's NetRing TN packet-based optical transport system is designed for applications such as carrier mobile backhaul, metro Ethernet services for enterprise and DSLAM and X-version of passive optical network (xPON) aggregation. It is capable of carrying time division multiplexing (TDM), ATM, SDH/SONET and Ethernet seamlessly over a reliable and scalable network, with resiliency at par with TDM networks. It also enables legacy enterprise services over Ethernet, providing 'wholesale' connectivity and an alternative for leased lines.

"Packet transport networks (PTN) are an emerging segment of the overall optical transport market that can specifically address the evolution of new enterprise services and the subsequent challenges of packet traffic growth, increased bandwidth pressure and the need to improve ARPU," said Peter Blackmore, CEO and president of UTStarcom. "UTStarcom has invested in the development of this expanded TN portfolio to ensure our customers have an effective migration path to PTN. We are confident that this portfolio will deliver that long-term."

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