Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Solera Provides Forensics for Simulated Cyber War

White Wolf Security, which organizes of live cyber warfare exercises, has selected Solera Networks to provide network forensics solutions for these simulated exercises.. Network forensics has become a key weapon in the cyber security arsenal, enabling rapid response in the event of a breach or attack. Acting like a camera in a bank, when a cyber attack occurs, network forensics solutions provide a complete record of all network activity to help determine the point of entry for the breach, what was affected, what data was compromised and the party that was responsible, often within hours.

Solera Networks supplies appliances that can capture and record all network traffic at 10 Gbps (as certified by Miercom Labs). This ensures a complete historical record of all network traffic. Solera Networks also offers a software-only version of its appliance for virtual environments and easy transport.