Sunday, October 11, 2009

Siverge Unveils Wireless Universal Gateway Chip + FPGA

Siverge Networks, a start-up based in Herzliya, Israel, introduced its high-performance, Wireless Universal Gateway chip for next generation mobile backhauling infrastructures.

The new SivGate chip, which extends Siverge's "Griffin" family of products, consists of an ASIC and an FPGA core. The chip is designed to replace the combination of framers, mappers, and complex processors currently used in most wireless gateways.

Siverge's SivGate is compliant with required physical interfaces (Ethernet, PDH, SONET/SDH), as well as complete set of associated Layer 2 data and bundling protocols (i.e. ATM/IMA and HDLC/MLPPP) along with CES and PWE3, QoS and TM. Siverge said its SivGate solutions could be used in linecards designed to fit any existing or new network equipment.

"By enabling our customers with a powerful, high performance solution that exceeds their requirements, we are in turn helping to evolve the network infrastructure which will pave the way for a new set of high-margin services and applications," said Moshe De-Leon, President and Chief Technology Officer for Siverge Networks. "Our advanced wireless universal gateway solution is designed with the customers' requirements in mind and addresses their need for a comprehensive high-performance solution that delivers increased capacity at a lower cost."

Siverge's Wireless Universal Gateway is currently sampling with leading system manufacturers worldwide and has already been selected for designs by major customers.

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