Monday, October 5, 2009

Russia's Yota Deploys DragonWave for Backhauling Mobile WiMAX

Yota, the first mobile WiMAX network in Russia, has deployed DragonWave's Horizon Compact to create 400 Mbps capable links for backhauling traffic on its network. The Yota began commercial operations in June 2009 with service in in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa. The Horizon Compact, a small, 22.86cm-square, all-outdoor unit integrating all traditional indoor and outdoor backhaul functionality, provides transport of up to 800 Mbps per link.

"Within two and a half months of beginning commercial operations, Yota already have 100,000 active users. This is obviously one of the world's most aggressive network operators, and we are thrilled to have been chosen to be one of Yota's strategic partners," said Peter Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer of DragonWave. "The Horizon Compact's track record for successfully enabling mobile 4G networks is growing globally."