Sunday, October 25, 2009

RadiSys Unveils 40G ATCA Chassis, Switch and Processor Modules

RadiSys introduced its 4th generation of AdvancedTCA (ATCA) products designed for next generation 4G and wireline broadband network elements.

The RadiSys 4th generation ATCA platforms combine a 40G chassis, a 40G switch and other 10G and 40G assets in a pre--integrated platform. The 40G chassis includes enhanced per--slot power and cooling capability along with 40G backplane connectivity. The company said investment protection for its telecom equipment supplier (TEM) customers was a key design criteria such that the 40G platform supports all existing boards and software for its 10G ATCA solution.

The 40G switch provides increased I/O density and native 40G switching to the node slots. The reuse of the switch management software will provide consistent API access, thereby providing reuse of any development with the company's existing 10G switch.

The chassis node slots are capable of supporting next-gen packet processing and multi-core CPU power requirements. Overall, the platform promises a 4x performance improvement in switching and equal improvement in processing capability at a platform level.

Additionally, RadiSys will be expanding the switch management capabilities to include a "node router" which enables the elimination of a stand--alone router that would typically provide connectivity between an edge device and the transport network. RadiSys' investments today in next generation ATCA products ensures a smooth transition for customers from 10G products to 40G, protecting their investment in ATCA.