Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ng Connect Program Expands LTE Ecosystem

The ng Connect Program, which is multi-industry initiative aimed at encouraging the growth of a rich and diverse ecosystem of infrastructure, devices, content and applications for both mobile and fixed broadband networks, announced that five new members: Creative Labs, Gemalto, Kabillion, R360 and V-Gate.

The program is also launching two new next generation service Proofs of Concept (PoC) for secure access to mobile networks and interactive digital signage. ng Connect PoCs are now available in two new labs in the Paris area for demonstration to European operators.

The PoCs illustrate the user benefits provided by next generation networks to a wide range of industries including consumer media and entertainment, enterprise collaboration and e-Healthcare, automotive connectivity, digital signage and network-based computing. ng Connect Program members are collaborating on the development of these sample services which illustrate the performance benefits of 4G and LTE networks as service providers and network operators begin to deploy their next generation networks.