Monday, October 12, 2009

New Edge Networks Launches MPLS NNI

New Edge Networks introduced and MPLS Plus service, a network-to-network interface (NNI) service that provides carriers with direct access to its nationwide MPLS network. With the NNI, New Edge is able to hand off customer traffic in a variety of ways, providing a scalable solution which meets business continuity and disaster recovery requirements. Customer nodes connect directly with the New Edge MPLS backbone so customers experience security, redundancy and Quality of Service capabilities. Network interface connections may be located at nine of New Edge's MPLS core locations nationwide through either a fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet physical interface. New Edges said customers can also benefit from new revenue opportunities associated with selling MPLS over a broad range of access technologies ranging from DS3 and Ethernet through DSL and EVDO.

"We continue to invest a great deal in our MPLS network and see this NNI offering as an important expansion of our distribution model in terms of potential additional value creation and economies of scale," said New Edge Networks President Cardi Prinzi. "Expanding to the wholesale market with an MPLS interconnect strategy is both cost-effective and revenue generating for our customers and New Edge. This is the ideal way to enable an ecosystem of applications for customers over our nationwide MPLS network."

"Wholesale MPLS providers will become an extension of New Edge's network and experience the high-quality performance and quality of service they have come to expect from New Edge," added Prinzi.

New Edge's MPLS network service is a fully managed, IP-based offering, providing customers the ability to prioritize applications from end to end.

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