Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mu Dynamics Offers Automated Paradigm for Testing IP Services

Mu Dynamics announced a significant expansion to its Mu Test Suite solution with new capabilities that leverage an adaptive testing approach. Compared to traditional test methodologies that require users to build test cases manually, Mu's adaptive testing system:

  • Emulates the logic of the IP Service to provide thorough testing of the actual service not just individually testing the underlying components

  • Drives multiple types of data by sampling IP service traffic including customer content, Mu content and/or third-party content (e.g. Mu's Pcapr site. in order to accurately simulate end user behavior,

  • Enables multiple aspects of testing including functional, interoperability, security and resilience in a single platform so work done by customers can be leveraged across testing types.

Mu said its approach allows the logic of complex IP services to be accurately modeled. Its system can quickly and automatically generate thousands of unique test cases that fully exercise the specific IP service under test. The testing can be based on captured real-world IP service traffic from a lab environment or a production network.

This allows network operators and vendor quality assurance (QA) teams to quickly test IP services across the development and deployment lifecycles.

"Juniper, as the leader in high performance networking, counts on the innovation in testing that Mu consistently delivers to our teams," said Avishai Avivi, Sr. Director of Engineering Operations, High-end Security Systems at Juniper Networks. "Mu enables our development teams to rigorously test wide variations of IP service-level traffic in order to produce high-quality releases that our customers depend on to run the most secure and reliable networks in the world."

Mu's customer base includes service providers and vendors, such as Alcatel/Genesys, BT, Cox Communications, F5 Networks, Honeywell - Process Control, Juniper Networks, Motorola, Redback/Ericsson, Starent Networks, and Veraz Networks. Other customers include leading service providers, Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Government agencies, and smart grid providers.