Sunday, October 25, 2009

Motorola Pushes Deep Fiber Architecture for Cable Operators

Motorola introduced new Deep and Cable Passive Optical Networks (CablePON) products -- including an end-to-end, radio frequency over glass (RFoG) offering -- that enable cable operators to migrate their networks to fiber deep architectures, while leveraging existing investments.

The new additions to Motorola's portfolio include:

  • GX2-EM1000 Family of High-Performance 1550nm Broadcast Transmitters - These transmitters, key components in RF Video Overlay, RFoG and fiber deep applications, deliver distortion-control performance out to 1 GHz. A version of the transmitter is optimized to increase the link distance and the number of subscribers served by Passive Optical Networks.

  • N2U-OA300 Series --a family of optical amplifiers for Passive Optical Networks and large distribution systems with versions featuring integrated wavelength combiners to reduce loss and save rack space.

  • SG4000 Dual Return Receiver for RFoG networks - This analog return receiver module enhances the SG4000 optical node platform for use in RFoG deployments to increase link budgets and the number of subscribers that can be served over limited fibers. It is a single slot double density return receiver for SG4000 that aggregates RFoG returns from subscribers for transmission to the hub or headend.

  • BTN100 Optical Node for Fiber Deep - This optical node upgrades existing Motorola SG2000, SG2440 and BTN nodes to 1 GHz and converts existing Motorola BT amplifiers to 1 GHz nodes. It offers optical redundancy and 2X return segmentation capability.

  • MBN DOCSIS Transponder for Fiber Deep - This is an interoperable transponder for the SG4000, MBN100, and BTN100 optical nodes. Using DOCSIS transport eliminates the additional cost of HMTS.

  • Q-series Taps and Passives for Bandwidth Expansion - This new series of taps and passives offer 1.5 GHz RF bandwidth for enhanced forward bandwidth and high band return for data, telephony and commercial services.

"In the face of increasing competition, cable operators are looking for innovative and economical solutions to help them deliver advanced services to their customers from a trusted source," said Joe Cozzolino senior vice president and general manager, Access Networks Solutions, Motorola Home and Networks Mobility. "Motorola's Fiber Deep and CablePON solutions offer cable operators the ability to affordably migrate fiber deeper into their networks to deliver the advanced services their customers demand."


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