Sunday, October 25, 2009

Motorola Adds Module for CMTS Enabling 150 Mbps Upstream

Motorola introduced a decoupled upstream module for its BSR 64000 Integrated Cable Modem Termination System (I-CMTS), enabling cable operators to meet their subscribers' demands for higher average and peak upstream bandwidth.

The Motorola BSR 64000 I-CMTS solution, with the new RX48 decoupled upstream module, offers nearly 1.5 Gbps of upstream capacity per module. The upstream-only module is the "sister" card of the TX32 decoupled downstream module.

When combined with S-CDMA, Motorola calculates that cable operators can unlock additional usable spectrum in their networks to increase upstream capacity by up to 50 percent. By deploying the RX48 decoupled upstream module in conjunction with S-CDMA, cable operators can use this new capacity to increase average data rates through higher order modulation, or implement DOCSIS 3.0 upstream channel bonding to achieve up to 150 Mbps of peak upstream bandwidth.

The RX48 decoupled upstream module will be available to customers in mid-2010.

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